Dust explosion protection in Europe

Since 2018, our company has been an official partner of RSBP spol. s.r.o. Czech Republic, so we have full technical support in the design and selection of equipment, we have the right to supply explosion protection equipment while retaining the manufacturer's warranty, and we are also able to demonstrate the device and operation of equipment to our customers at the RSBP company premises.

As your supplier, we can arrange a site visit by RSBP, where you can see the actual model of the solution offered to you and verify that the equipment offered is effective.

For example, in November 2019, such a visit was organised for employees of a thermal power statio Central Heating and Power Plants in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, where we are in the process of implementing an explosion protection project. Our customers were able to see and evaluate the effectiveness of the active explosion suppression HRD system, which is already being installed at the СHPPs. A visit to this "showroom" allowed our customer to see the performance of the equipment and its well thought-out technical design, which will definitely facilitate further operation.

More video demonstrations of the equipment you can watch on our You Tube channelYouTube channel.


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