Dust explosion protection in Europe

Flameless explosion venting

The European explosion protection standard EN 1127-1 provides for the use of explosion prevention systems: active and passive. It permits the use of venting panels and flameless explosion venting devices FLEX for various types of explosive atmospheres: dust, gas, mist, combined mixtures with air. The most important thing is that the explosion protection equipment is suitable for the application and has been proven.

FLEXs contain metal or metal-ceramic elements that prevent the spread of an open flame. At the same time, their discharge valves release the overpressure of the explosion. FLEX devices help to place explosion arresters inside production halls, without the risk of fire when an explosion is released. They are used to protect equipment in production halls, buildings where people work.

Flameless explosion venting device FLEX consists of two main elements:

  • Explosion venting panel. It releases the shock wave of an explosion in the equipment to be protected into the surrounding area. The overpressure in tanks and other closed containers drops to safe values and the structure is not destroyed. The “open/closed” position of the explosion panel is monitored by an alarm device.
  • The outer casing has a scattering surface. It consists of special meshes which cool the blast wave and prevent open flames from spreading.

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