Dust explosion protection in Europe

The processing of coal and solid biofuels in thermal power plants poses a risk of explosion of dust/air mixtures. When processing solid fuels, in most cases there are explosive concentrations of combustible dust in the process.

Despite the fact that explosions at energy facilities constitute a small segment of the total number of incidents (about 4%), the consequences and the number of fatalities in such cases are very large.

Given the large size of the equipment used in this industry, the consequences of a dust explosion are devastating and bring the process to a standstill, which is unacceptable for an energy facility.


In the coal-fired power industry, the coal processing areas of thermal power plants pose an explosion hazard:

- the process of coal transportation and preparation for combustion is accompanied by significant dust generation, with dust generated as an air-dust mixture in the equipment and accumulated as deposits in the power plant workshops as a result of leaks;

- The process of storing coal and coal dust in hoppers;

- Dust preparation process (mills and separators).


At thermal power plants with solid biofuels there is a similar risk of explosion of dust/air mixtures. Fuels have to be dried and crushed before combustion; these processes are usually accompanied by the formation of combustible dust in suspension.

Our team has a proven track record in explosion protection for industrial equipment in the energy sector. You can find out more about our projects in the PROJECTS section.


  • Conform to MS GOST, ATEX, NFPA standards

  • Prevent an explosion of dust-air mixtures

  • Reduce risks and prevent losses from dust explosions

  • Approval of the explosion protection project from the supervisory authorities


  • 1

    Improving health and safety at work, protecting the lives and health of staff

  • 2

    Protecting property and process equipment from destruction

  • 3

    Avoiding long production stoppages

  • 4

    Reducing the risk of damage and economic loss

Solutions for the safety of your production

Turnkey explosion protection system for energy facilities

The complete explosion protection system for your plant, from analysing the explosion risk in the facility to the integration and commissioning of the explosion protection system.

Turnkey explosion protection system for energy facilities

Explosion protection for aspiration systems

A solution for production safety in the event of an aspiration filter explosion by reducing the explosion pressure inside the filter and cutting off the explosion from adjacent equipment.

Explosion protection for aspiration systems

Explosion protection for dust preparation systems

Solutions for explosion protection of equipment designed for drying and milling solid fuels and conveying them in a dusty state to the boiler.

Explosion protection for dust preparation systems

Explosion protection for pneumatic conveying systems

Systems for production safety and explosion prevention in adjacent equipment units with HRD barrier or GATEX gate valve.

Explosion protection for pneumatic conveying systems

Explosion risk analysis (ATEX audit)

Expert explosion safety audit of your plant for compliance with ATEX and industry standards.

Explosion risk analysis (ATEX audit)

Dust explosion hazard assessment

Analysis and development of explosion protection documentation (EPD/DHA audits), dust explosion hazard analysis studies with an individual step-by-step assessment approach.

Dust explosion hazard assessment

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