Dust explosion protection in Europe


During the second phase of the explosion protection work on the pulverised coal plant in Bishkek, we encountered three main problems:

  • Installation and commissioning specialists certified by the manufacturer of the technical devices could not enter Kyrgyzstan due to covid restrictions;
  • A significant amount of wiring work had to be done in a short time - 150 HRD cylinders had to be installed in 10 dust preparation systems;
  • Coal mills had to operate in conditions of poorly lighting, confined spaces and difficult access to equipment installation sites.

We needed to find highly skilled people who were qualified to carry out such work and who could enter the Republic of Kirgizia.


Install active explosion suppression and cut-off devices on the pulverised coal mills of a coal-fired power plant. Integrate it into the customer's existing automated control system.


In autumn 2020, our team, together with representatives of the Czech equipment manufacturer RSBP spol. s r.o., carried out the installation and commissioning of active suppression and detonation systems at a coal-fired thermal power plant in Bishkek. We were able to organise a specialist visit to the site.

We had to act in cramped conditions, with headlamps, but the qualification of our engineers made it possible to install all the equipment.

Stages of work:

  • We connected 150 HRD cylinders and DetEx pressure sensors to the Conex controllers;
  • Sensors, controllers, activation and detection lines were checked and configured;
  • We programmed and brought the signal lines from the explosion protection equipment to the control rooms of the CHPP.

The technical devices were integrated into the station's automated control systems.

The result

The operator on duty at the power station is informed about the status of the explosion protection devices at his workplace. This is made possible by the integration of the controllers into the control room. We also installed a system for automatically stopping the mill when the explosion protection is activated.

This was a complex project in which we had to face force majeure in the form of an unfavourable epidemiological situation. But we were able to deal with it successfully.

explosion protection stages explosion protection stages

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